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What should you know about your new Maltese puppy?

Posted - 03/01/2012

Of all the dogs in the toy group, the Maltese is one of the most popular and most loved, with a sweet disposition and friendly, playful nature. Maltese puppies are also very resistant and have the lowest number of health problems compared to similar breeds. You do want to be careful about checking your puppy's ears and making sure they are kept clean because the droop of Maltese ears can make them prone to ear infections. Your new Maltese puppy will be a loyal friend and, more than anything else, wants to spend time playing and cuddling with you. Head outside for a game of fetch or a walk around the block. Maltese are known for their ability to form very close bonds, so take advantage of this now. Maltese are smart, easy-to-train dogs. For help with training your Maltese puppy, contact a professional trainer. Some basic tricks that you can work on with your puppy are learning to sit, stay and to walk on a leash. A common Maltese trait is sudden bursts of energy that can cause them to race around the house, sometimes barking loudly. You can prevent this from occurring by taking your puppy out for regular walks and exercise.
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