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How To Calm Your Puppy At Night

Posted - 03/01/2012

Bringing a new pupping into your home is an exciting time. However, many new puppies have difficulty adjusting to life away from their litter for the first few nights. Implementing a few important strategies from the start will help your puppy be calm at night, allowing everyone in the house to sleep peacefully. Like babies, puppies need a bedtime ritual to feel safe and secure. Spend a few minutes playing with him, then take him out to use the bathroom before putting him to bed. Be sure to have a welcoming crate or bed for your puppy to sleep in. Place one of your shirts in his bed, so he can feel close to you. Playing soothing music may also help calm your puppy so he can sleep. This helps create a comforting bedtime environment that will ease his fears. Puppies will have to go to the bathroom at some point during the night, so expect to get up at least once to take him out. If your puppy still cries out, gently pat his back and reassure him in a soothing tone. Sometimes, puppies just need to know you are there to feel secure. If these strategies do not keep your puppy calm at night, consider consulting a professional trainer for help. Obedience trainers have the knowledge and experience necessary to determine the cause of the problem before it becomes a habit for your dog.
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